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Linear Heat Detector

Linear Heat Detection (LHD) is a very commonly used method of fire detection. It can detect a fire anywhere along the length of the cable, and can be of lengths in excess of a kilometer.

The Linear Heat Detection (LHD) cable is a combination of advanced polymer and digital technologies which can be used on any panel, and can detect heat anywhere along its entire length.
At the core of the LHD cable is a twisted pair of extremely low resistance, tri-metallic conductors sheathed in new advanced thermal polymers.

These polymers are chemically engineered to break down at specific fixed temperatures allowing the twisted conductors to make contact and initiate an alarm. The polymer used for the protective outer coating of LHD cable is chemical resistant and UV protected. This allows the LHD cable to be used in a wide variety of installations and special hazard applications.

Benefits of liner heat detection

There are many benefits to LHD. One of which is a continuous source of heat detection up to 10,000 feet. LHD cables are also very durable and long-lasting. Conversely, spot heat detectors do not offer the continuous field of detection of LHD cables, they don’t hold up very well, and can be easily damaged.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Fewer false alarms and false suppressant discharge with Confirmed Temperature Intiation (CTI).
  • Detection device works with fire alarm system interface and modules that identify source and temperature of hazard
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Provides hazard coverage at every point on the cable for maximum protection
  • Available in a variety of lengths, cable coatings and alarm temperatures for maximum flexibility
  • Wide zone area, up to 10,000 feet of continuous detection

Typical Applications:

• Rack Storage
• Bulk Storage
• Conveyors
• Cooling Towers
• Valves And Motors
• Cable Trays
• Baggage Handling
• Computer Rooms
• Fuel Storage Tanks
• Parking Decks
• Garages
• Trash Rooms
• Elevator Shafts
• Moving Sidewalks
• Escalators
• Wet Benches
• Off Shore Platforms
• Pipelines
• Engine Compartments
• Hgv Engine Bays
• Train Carriage Couplings
• Train Station Platforms
• Bridges And Piers
• Aircraft Hangars

Cable trays are very common application for LHD.

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