Learn more about solar technologies and their applications

Solar panels harvest clean renewable energy in the form of sunlight and convert that light into electricity that can then be used to provide energy for electrical loads. Solar panels are composed of several individual solar cells which are in turn composed of layers of silicon, phosphorus (which provides the negative charge) and boron (which provides the positive charge).


Solar Panels

Solar panels come in all shapes and sizes. When deciding where and how to mount the panels, consider the dimensions of the panels, especially for rooftop applications.


An inverter is one of the most important devices in a solar system. It is a device that converts electricity into direct current into alternating current electricity that the power grid uses.

Solar Battery

Solar batteries are an alternative (or supplement) to generating energy from the grid and can help you make your home or facility reasonably immune to power outages and even take it off the grid altogether.

Solar lights

Solar street lighting MPPT charging system solutions are widely used in lighting urban and rural roads, highways,, bridges, islands, parks, industrial areas, urban squares, residential areas, parking lots and other places.


Solar energy systems include all the components of a solar system. The installation of all components of the solar system allows the use of solar energy and its conversion into electricity.

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