About Us

Etalon New Tool company was established in 2010 and the company started professionally working on fire alarm, fire extinguishing and fire suppression systems. As a leading native Iraqi company, we believe that our strength is our continued support to the clients. That’s how we could complete more than 200 projects. Utilizing strong nationwide distribution network, Etalon is able to support customers in the best way possible. With the strong relations in the government and brilliant background in the market as well as highly qualified engineers, Etalon could become a leading supplier of fire safety solutions.

Our vision

Etalon responsibility is to continually improve all aspects of fire safety in Iraq and creating a better and safer tomorrow than today. We aim to improve fire safety culture through programs to put our vision into action. We will push Iraqi AHJs to comply with NFPA/BS codes and implement a fire risk assessment and management program to minimize the risk.